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Yet many are delaying or are unprepared to make that happen in an orderly and safe way.

My Own Home... As Long As Possible.

Critical Decisions Late in Life.


Many Senior Living Facility Administrators say that 85% of people come to them unprepared for the move they are making.

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  • With this video you will...

  • Establish or reaffirm your decisions about living arrangements late in life.

  • Explore a case study and the impact of poor planning.

  • Identify the three main ways plans are interrupted.

  • Explore the problem of Falling; understand the impact and have a strategy for prevention. 

  • Watch a short intro video below.

  • Mark and Becky Schoepp

    Mark is a retired church educator and has served in a variety of congregational sizes, from very large to very small. His last parish experience was Health Minister in a congregation of mainly older adults. He has served as a health educator for a Lutheran Foundation out of Chicago and was Executive Director of a Lutheran organization focused on ministry with and for older adults until family health concerns took him home full time.

    Becky is a 30 year survivor of three rounds of cancer and has advanced heart failure and other organ damage from chemo and radiation. Together they helped Becky's parents navigate a five year journey of important decisions late in life with major health issues (Alzheimer's and Heart Failure) at play.

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