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Nutrition and Finances - Our Experience

We've provided a Seven Part Video Series focused on key elements of the decisions that come late in life. Mark is providing Coaching Options.

This page shares brief testimony about two critical areas (they represent two of the three biggest 'plan de-railers'). We hope this info is helpful for you, as you have interest. As you will see, they are closely connected to each other.



Becky's health issues have been a reality for 30 of our 41 years of marriage. She has had three rounds of cancer and lots of fallout from the chemo and radiation, including advanced heart failure.

Right after her first diagnosis, Mark's father introduced us to a nutritional supplement company and we have used them ever since.

75% of us already have decided that we need to supplement for stronger health. Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful as they need to be when choosing from among the MANY options.

We have a short 6 minute video called "Five Key Criteria" to use when selecting the best nutritional supplements for you and your family. If you want more info or a link to that video, contact us. [email protected]


Due to Becky's health issues, for the latter part of our marriage we were a one-income family. Mark's work was rewarding and important, but never paid well.

So, our retirement income needed a major boost, especially with the ongoing needs of a major medical issue in the family.

We have found an ongoing, rewarding option that provides residual income and allows all the flexibility we need to care for Becky's special needs.

Contact us if you want more info. [email protected]

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